30 Ways to Land a Job In 2010

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Taken from http://applicant.com/30-ways-to-land-a-job-in-2010/

Times are tough and finding a job isn’t exactly an easy thing. Using the same tactics as everyone else isn’t near as effective as it used to be. This calls for getting creative in your job search and tactics to land a job.

You have to stand out to prospective employers to get their attention. Grab their attention in some unconventional ways and you stand a much better chance of being noticed. Otherwise your resume will disappear in a pile along with everyone elses.

Use your imagination and get creative. And most importantly never give up.

Here’s a list of 30 ways to land a job in 2010:

  1. Volunteer for an unpaid internship, it may lead to full time work.
  2. Build an online portfolio/resume to send potential companies to.
  3. Check Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networking sites. They all have jobs that you may not find elsewhere. Read our guide to using Facebook as a job search tool.
  4. After a job interview send a thank you note. It will leave a lasting impression.
  5. Set Google alerts to watch companies you want to work for. You’ll be quick to know when they are hiring.
  6. Find blogs related to the area of work your interested in. A good portion of them will have a job section.
  7. Start your own blog and write about your area of expertise. Link to other related blogs.
  8. Write guest posts on other blogs and article directories. Again showing your expertise.
  9. Figure out what talent makes you different. Make sure it’s known at your interviews.
  10. Watch for companies that recently acquired other companies. They will more than likely be hiring.
  11. Learn another language. Bilingual people are always in high demand.
  12. Make a video resume and put it on YouTube instead of using a written one.
  13. Go straight to the source. Contact the CEO or manager directly instead of going through HR.
  14. Take a job that you are way overqualified for. It may lead to other opportunities.
  15. Make a top 10 list (David Letterman style) of why they should hire you.
  16. Make a shirt with your contact info.
  17. Start a chain letter with your resume, offer a prize to whoever gets you a job.
  18. Make a PowerPoint presentation of your best work, find out if you can bring it in to the interview.
  19. Network with interviewers.
  20. Use Facebook ads. With millions of people, a well placed ad can make a difference.
  21. Make business cards with your resume on it and hand them out.
  22. Wear a sign with your contact information and stand out on the street around businesses your interested in.
  23. Do some volunteer work that will increase the skills you need.
  24. Network with others that are also looking for a job. Both for support and more opportunities.
  25. Hand write a letter. Sometimes taking a step back away from technology will make you stand out as most people don’t use these methods.
  26. Reverse interview: Call and ask for someone in HR and ask about the company’s vision and goals. Suggest skills of yours that may help.
  27. Give ideas of how you think the company could improve.
  28. Have your references call after you turn in your resume instead of waiting for them to be called.
  29. Don’t just stay at home and look for jobs online. Traditional job hunting ways still yield results. Get out of the house and network as well.
  30. Don’t neglect unconventional job search methods.

Those were some of the suggestions from us to you.Feel free to comment on how job hunters can get the most out in 2010. Do you know of anyone who has gone out of their way, or have really tried something unconventional when it comes to job search? Share with us.

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