The goal of YPN Miami is to provide members with creative programs, networking opportunities, and culturally diverse events. Through four committees, YPN is able to champion and create programs needed for young professionals to grow professionally, socially, and in their civic involvement. Members gain the most from the organization through their active involvement. To this end, we encourage you to join a committee and lend your expertise and skills to help develop YPN Miami.


Civic Engagement Committee

Committee Contact: Cedric McMinn

Co-Chair: Lydia Desnoyers

As a leader it’s important to be aware of what’s going on in the world around you and the needs of your community. Successful leaders not only lead in the business world, they also lead within their own communities. The civic engagement committee provides members opportunities to develop a philanthropic mindset by participating in meaningful community service projects throughout our community.

Previous programs of the civic committee have included YPN’s participation in the National Rebuild Day in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity.


Partnerships Committee

Committee Contact: David Chi Chi Truong

The Development Committee is responsible for obtaining and sustaining sponsorship opportunities, fundraising methods, and bringing in new corporate partnerships in support of YPN’s programming needs.


Professional Development Committee

YPN President Ernisha Randolph oversees

The goal of the professional development committee is to provide participants with access to the business community around them. This is accomplished by creating programming that will develop leadership skills and teach members how to best maximize their talents and abilities.

A marquee event of the committee is the “Members Only” Executive MBA Boot Camp Series. In the past, YPN members participated in an Executive MBA Boot Camp led by the Burger King Corporation and taught attendees how to develop their leadership skills for business success. The Port of Miami also hosted YPN Miami for its most recent Executive MBA Bootcamp- “Secrets to Cultivating Success & Generating Wealth.” YPN has also introduced YPN Miami Shark Tank 1.0 where members pitch their business concept before a panel of judges for a consultation package to help bring their idea to fruition.


Entrepreneurship Committee

Committee Contact: Pandwe Gibson

Not only is YPN Miami preparing members for professional success, we’re also preparing them for business success. The Entrepreneurship Committee develops programming that will cultivate successful entrepreneurs and business professionals. Another mission of the committee is to help members understand the politics of business and the need to successfully navigate the business scene. YPN members are provided with a vehicle and training ground for political and economic leadership and to spark the entrepreneur in all of us.

Marquee programs of the Business Development committee have included the Success Series in partnership with the Carrie Meek Entrepreneurial Center that provided a 6-week business course at Miami-Dade College free of charge to YPN Miami members (a value of $697).


Programming Committe

Committee Contact: Fabiola Fleuranvil

Often times business is not always conducted in typical business environments. So it’s just as important to be able to navigate influential social circles in the same way it’s important to navigate through business circles. Networking is critical to business success. The programming committee is designed to promote work/life balance through fun and extraordinary events that allow members to interact and network in different social settings.


Membership Committee

Membership Committee: The Membership Committee recommends policies, procedures, and strategies for enhancing the membership in YPN Miami both numerically and qualitatively while implementing initiatives to assure a growing and vital membership organization.




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