Professional Development Committee: Diversity & Inclusion Workshop Highlights

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On Saturday, March 17th, 2012, YPN’s Professional Development Committee hosted the Diversity & Inclusion Workshop, in conjunction with Converge & Associates Consulting. The workshop provided a balanced understanding of various behaviors and communication styles. Representing Converge & Associates Consulting, Barbara Cheives educated us on the importance of why diversity and inclusion programs are relevant in today’s global marketplace and also included training in cultural competency and race and ethnic relations.

Barbara’s consulting expertise includes law enforcement and public safety, media, education and corporations. Additionally, she served as the first Executive Director of Toward a More Perfect Union in Palm Beach County. TMPU is a non-profit initiative that addresses the critical impact of race and ethnicity in a diverse community.

In addition, Converge & Associates Consulting offers in depth training and support services for:

  • Crisis Prevention
    • Advice for municipalities on ways to avert race based community crisis
  • Broad & Self Development
    • Strategies for the creation and retention of staff and volunteer leadership that reflects the community
  • Media Coverage in Diverse Communities
    • Strategies for journalists and media executives
  • Managing Diverse Cultures in the Workplace
    • Strategies for building a workplace that works effectively together with the context of cultural differences
  • Community Building & Outreach
    • Assistance in reaching minority, immigrant, marginalized, and main stream communities to form essential alliances
  • Community Mending Processes
    • Strategies to bridge community divides and mend racial and ethnic divisions
  • Professional Speaking


Converge & Associates works within the context of a network of relationships. The network takes into account language, tradition, history, economics, etc.  Their strategy brings about a basic, but atypical understanding of culture that addresses multiple layers of need in the workplace and community.

Through training of this caliber, the interactive curriculum teaches participants to view each person as a unique ‘culture’ and provides the tools to create a more culturally savvy workplace. What’s more, organizational leaders will increase their ability to communicate, build trust and be sensitive to the unique qualities of various cultures.

Earl Nightingale says it best, “Your problem is to bridge the gap which exists between where you are now and the goal you intend to reach.”

On behalf of the Young Professionals Network (YPN) of Miami THANK YOU for participating.


Youseline Poteau
YPN Miami, Professional Development Chair


Chaynea Fox-Sampson
YPN Miami, Professional Development Co-Chair


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