Using Social Media to Supercharge Your Business

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 Social Media Workshop

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

 On June 28th, 2012, the Young Professionals Network (YPN) of Miami conducted a social media workshop for small business owners. Presented by C-Payne, author of the Millionaire Marketing Blog and CMO of The workshop was designed to give pragmatic, ready-to-use techniques to entrepreneurs and new businesses looking to implement a cost-effective marketing strategy. Exploring a wide range of topics such as how to conduct market research, generating leads instantaneously, and efficiently managing time, a myriad of information was presented to help attendees at all levels of social media adoption.

Those in attendance learned how to utilize LinkedIn to grow an email contact list and build a stronger online reputation through recommendations. They also learned how to find prospective customers on Twitter who are actively seeking their products and services. Blogging was also explained to help reinforce the importance of thought leadership in any given industry.

In total, this event was a small business crash-course in utilizing online techniques to find and attract new customers. It was yet another professional development workshop  to YPN’s ongoing efforts to educate and help its entrepreneurs succeed in business.

Once again, thank you ALL for sharing your knowledge.

A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is.”

 – Scott Cook, Co-Founder of Intuit


C-Payne Bio: A creative and ambitious entrepreneur is making headway in South Florida. C. Payne is on a mission to make monumental strides in the competitive, tech startup arena. C. Payne is the CMO of, a collaborative design firm that focuses on designing creative and professional logos, business cards, web pages, brochures, and more! He’s also the author of the Millionaire Marketing Blog where he gives other entrepreneurs pragmatic marketing tips to catapult their businesses. Both his company and his blog are helping companies of all sizes nationwide strengthen their brands, attract more customers, and dominate the competition. “It’s all about attracting interested buyers then converting them into customers” says C. Payne, “and that’s done by building a captivating brand that people recognize, trust, and are excited to do business with.”  What makes so successful in the eyes of its clients is their unique design process and creative diversity. Their online platform pits award-winning designers against one another in a winner-take-all design competitions based on client specifications. These highly competitive contests, called “Wars,” give customers a plethora of unique, custom designs to choose from at affordable prices. “We’re redefining the status quo and making our clients happy in the process.”

C. Payne is definitely on pace to make waves in our coastal community. By building businesses and blogging, he is determined to empower a new breed of entrepreneurs and creative professionals.


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