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Victoria M. Beatty is the youngest associate in the Fort Lauderdale office of Broad and Cassel, a Florida law firm specializing in all areas of law, with 200+ attorneys in 8 offices. She is a member of the firm’s Commercial Litigation Practice Group.

Before joining Broad and Cassel, Victoria served as an attorney in the banking litigation group of a mid-sized firm where she routinely handled litigation matters for national banks, including but not limited to, check fraud, conversion of bank account funds, and commercial foreclosures.

Victoria was also the managing attorney of a South Florida real estate litigation law firm, managing a case load of approximately 180 files. In this role, she prosecuted predatory lending and underwriting violations of national lenders. She also developed a skill for negotiating the purchase of bulk notes and represented her clients in the firm’s appellate practice.

Victoria has a passion for the preservation of justice for the underprivileged people of South Florida and has represented indigent residents of Miami in public housing evictions, private landlord/tenant issues, Section 8 evictions, and administrative hearings and mediations. Her housing litigation experience also includes serving as the lead attorney for 20 tenants from a housing development in Miami, who were the victims of a gas explosion and suffered subsequent inhabitable living conditions, rent gouging, and evictions. Through Victoria’s representation every tenant was able to stay in their home or she facilitated their move to more suitable living conditions.

Victoria previously served as a Federal Judicial Law Clerk to the Honorable Donald Graham, where she honed her writing and research skills. Sheis active in various church, community and professional organizations and serves as pro bono legal counsel to the Belafonte Tacolcy Center of Liberty City in Miami and has also assisted pro bono at the Miami Workers Center and the Small Claims Clinic. She lives in Sunny Isles Beach, enjoys playing tennis and golf, and is proficient in oral and written Spanish.


1. To what do you attribute your success?

I first attribute all that I have to the God I serve. In an economy such as this where many of my peers are unemployed or underemployed, the path my career has taken is truly a gift from God. I must also mention my mother and father.  My mother, Priscilla Beatty, has been my best friend all of my life and has supported my endeavors every step of the way.  Her spiritual soundness has been a consistent anchor for me. My father, Robert Beatty, Esq., has served as an inspiration for many young people in South Florida, and I am no different. Watching his career path from an Assistant State Attorney to becoming the General Counsel of BellSouth and later the Miami Herald has shown me what happens when God’s favor meets hard work. I get my work ethic from him. Of course there are countless friends and family that I can mention but I feel particularly fortunate to have been issued the rewards of my faith and the consistency of support given by my parents.

2.  What role, if any, do you think networking and navigating the South Florida business environment has played in your success?

Networking is invaluable and continues to play a key role in my professional development. My first employer at a major law firm hired me after our initial introduction at a local fundraiser. Involvement in local charities, professional and social organizations, and maintaining an awareness of the various opportunities to engage our community and its people are critical things to consider.  Participating in a broad range of these opportunities should yield an accurate pulse on what issues lay at the heart of our region.

Networking is essentially the dance between vision and resources. It’s important when networking to have a healthy awareness of your own priorities.  There are countless opportunities to partner with other professionals but one must be sure that there is a shared vision for the desired outcomes. Networking does not, and should not, always lead to a contract. It also helps to be open to new ideas that provide a chance to expand, enhance, and foster unexpected opportunities.When I was young I used to watch my father at networking events, and it made me realize that at the end of the day, sure your credentials help, sure your education is necessary, but it really just comes down to whether people like you. If they do like you, they will think of you when an opportunity presents itself.

So, yes networking is important, but it is about how you are networking. I try to leave a lasting impression on everyone I encounter, because at the end of the day, a friendly and caring smile still goes a long way. The small things aren’t really the small things.  Don’t overlook them.

3. As a young professional, how do you think you could benefit most from an organization such as YPN Miami and the Miami-Dade Chamber?

I joined YPN after doing a great deal of research on the organizations in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. I found YPN to be one of the most active organizations, hosting multiple events a month. Of greater importance, YPN is the most diverse organization I have seen.  YPN can serve as a method of refinement for young individuals who did not have the benefit of professional development in their childhood or in their schools and colleges. How to dress professionally, how to eat at a banquet, how to actively participate in a professional conversation, how to mingle and ‘work the room’ are all critical to professional development. YPN provides an outlet for young people to practice and hone these skills.

Personally, YPN has served as a vehicle to meet other young professionals. Living in South Florida can be fun as the nightlife is never-ending; however, it can also be a bit daunting. Most professionals do not go to the club every weekend, so it is difficult to find others of like mind and thought, unless you join organizations where they are….and YPN is certainly where they are!

4. What words of encouragement can you provide young people in South Florida with regards to their professional development?

I am compelled to, each day, wake up with the goal of making the most of the day and delivering a product indicative of my skill and drive. I believe that the best is yet to come, and I pursue that vigorously, knowing ‘faith without works is dead’. There are many of my peers that have ascribed to the theory of soon-to-come gratification. Our culture has been bombarded with the notion that we can have all that we want and that it will come right now.  I am hopeful that we become as committed to the path as we are committed to the prize. We must understand that reward is most appreciated and more sustainable when juxtaposed to work.
Stay mindful of the ‘end-game’ and work hard to make decisions that bring it closer to reality rather than those that make its occurrence less likely. Surround yourself with people that will support you when necessary and challenge you when no one else will.

I pray that those reading will develop a confidence and commitment that is greater than any obstacle. Though obstacles are inevitable, arming yourself with faith, determination, and an unrelenting work ethic will serve well when facing them. I am a living testament to what happens when faith meets preparation. Be certain not to rest or celebrate your successes too long for at the end of every achievement, a challenge awaits. Aim high.

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