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Antiguan-born entrepreneur and corporate alumnus of Motorola and Citigroup, Kevin V. Michael is one of South Florida’s brightest minds in the IT industry. He manages business development and company operations for Invizio, a South Florida-based IT consultancy that focuses on IT support, management, and infrastructure implementation for businesses and non-profits.

Actively entrenched within the local business community, Kevin is a member of both, the Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce and Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce. He has also been a Mentorship Coordinator and Regional Trainer with Business Network International Miami-Dade and currently serves as the Treasurer of the University of Miami College of Engineering Alumni Association. His community service extends to the Rotaract Club of Coral Gables.

Kevin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology & Software Engineering from the University of Miami College of Engineering with majors in Computer Science and Computer Information Systems.


1. So what are you working on now?

2011 is shaping up to be a year with tremendous potential for Invizio.  A big area of attention for us has been educating our clients about the shifting paradigm in technology consumption known as ‘the cloud’. The cloud makes the data and applications that you use daily securely available to you online from anywhere. While many of us have used the cloud for a long time for personal computing, the use of cloud-based technologies in a business environment is an idea that is only now gaining major traction. Naturally, our clients have questions, and we’ve been helping them make sense of it all. Most recently, we developed an integrated cloud infrastructure that facilitated delancyhill, P.A. to transition smoothly into virtual offices. As a result, the law firm can now access data and key applications from anywhere in the world.

2. Where did you get your inspiration?

My inspiration and entrepreneurial spirit comes from living in this diverse, fast-paced, international city we call home. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t credit my mother as a strong influence on the development of my entrepreneurial spirit. As an entrepreneur herself having financed, owned, and managed several clothing retail businesses, she exposed me at an early age to the perks and responsibilities of business ownership. These firsthand experiences have been invaluable to my development as an entrepreneur.

I also credit Mico Yuk, a college friend and Founder of Benchmarkers Business Intelligence, as my largest peer influence. Mico is  recognized as an expert in the IT community and gave me the courage to break free from corporate America and strike out on my own. Other influences included Dr. Randal Pinkett, the first African-American winner of the popular reality TV show The Apprentice. I was introduced to Dr. Pinkett at a National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) conference, and he has always stood out as a stellar role model whose academic and professional successes I have come to admire.

3. What have been the challenges that you have faced since starting Invizio?

As Invizio was founded on the heels of an economic downturn, we have faced a wide-range of challenges. In the current business environment, collecting payment on the work we’ve performed in a timely manner has been a constant struggle as our clients work to balance competing priorities. We’ve responded to this challenge by working with our clients to structure feasible payment plans and by remaining diligent in our collections processes.

4. Were there any resources or help that you were able to use to help in developing your company?

Very early on it was important for us to establish a presence in the business community. I was fortunate enough to join and become a very involved member of Business Network International (BNI) Miami-Dade. BNI afforded Invizio the opportunity to build a base of clients by first building the trust of others and earning their referrals. My involvement with the organization really taught me how to strategically maximize word-of-mouth marketing and client referral programs as promotional tools for Invizio.

5. For a new entrepreneur, what would you say is the greatest challenge, other than finances, to getting a new business off the ground?

Trust is definitely a major obstacle that new service-based businesses face. Despite a history of professional and personal achievement of the owners, a new company must confront the perception that it has no track record to rely on. Acquiring reference clients that
are not only representative of your company’s capabilities, but also strong advocates of your brand is vital to overcoming this hurdle.
Invizio has been able to work with the leadership of delancyhill, PA, Circle of One Marketing, Befera Law Firm, and Camacho Cigars, all of whom have become great advocates of our company.

6. What are your future plans for Invizio? What’s your vision?

I have big plans for Invizio. The vision is to grow Invizio into one of the largest IT support services companies in the South Florida business community and the state by addressing new market verticals and strategically expanding our services portfolio and client base. We have a strategic goal of actively growing Invizio’s monthly income by 5.6% each month and creating stability in our margins. These goals will be facilitated by the expansion our direct marketing efforts which in the past have garnered great results and helped improve our bottom line performance. We also intend to grow our sales force while being mindful to scale our business operations accordingly.

7. How do you think your company would benefit from an organization such as YPN Miami and the Miami-Dade Chamber?

I am a firm believer in the importance of working together for the continued progress and uplift of our community for professional
mentorship and for the strengthening of the black dollar.  The Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce represents the face of black business in South Florida and has taken the lead to ensure that the black community has a seat at the table. Invizio and other Chamber
members benefit from the communal business relationships of a house united.

The Young Professionals Network of the Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce is a place for the younger generation of black leadership to seek mentorship and gain access to established professionals and organizations within our community. YPN bridges both the knowledge and generational gaps by creating a forum for tried and true strategies of success to be openly discussed and shared.


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    I agree 100% with your take on strengthening the black dollar. Keep up the good work Kevin!

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