YPN Spotlight: Enitan Bereola II of BEREOLAESQUE

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Rurally raised, yet metropolitan minded. A casual author and somewhat of a perfectionist in all realms. Learning lessons but staying honest. Because he is shameless, he is an open book and because he is sharp, he is self-restrained. Full of emotion, but always rational. Humble, but quite often ostentatious. He comes off as a walking, talking dichotomy, which makes him absolutely human, just like you.

Enitan Bereola II has taken the old concept of manners, and made it sexy. He is the author of the bestselling, BEREOLAESQUE: The Contemporary Gentleman & Etiquette book for the Urban Sophisticate.

Bereola’s marketing initiatives have created brand awareness unlike any other company in his field. From aesthetically pleasing commercial ad campaigns that appeal to the senses, to his rockstar-like following online, he is truly a force to be reckoned with.

The California-based gentleman is a leader in his field. He was recently selected one of Black Enterprise Magazine’s ‘Young & Bold Business Leaders,’ and is featured in an issue of Essence Magazine. Bereola’s views on etiquette, relationships and love have afforded him to teach “Love School” courses with Life Coach, Tony Gaskins who appeared on Oprah.

In twelve short months, Bereola has garnered the interest of celebrities and pop-culture alike. His market extends internationally to the U.K., Japan, France, Australia and Nigeria. His Author House best seller has catapulted him into the worlds of fashion, art, music, and film.

With all that Mr. Bereola has accomplished, he believes in giving back. He has partnered with the Alice E. Foster Scholarship Program through the San Jose Links, Inc. who sponsors scholarships for high school graduates exiting the foster care system. He is also partnered with Autism Speaks through American Dreaming Magazine who donates 100% of profits from POP displays at retailers. The author has adopted his old high school – Piedmont Hills, to contribute 20% of his Barnes & Nobles book sales to help fund student programs. His book has recently become a required part of Bermuda College’s curriculum. Enitan is currently touring the U.S. and abroad teaching boys and men how to be contemporary gentlemen.

Bereola is renowned by gentlemen, current and past alike. He has spent the vast majority of his life traveling and researching etiquette and applying it in society. His next anticipated body of work is a ladies’ etiquette book from a gentleman’s perspective.

1.       How long have you been in your field and what do you attribute your success?

I’ve been a gentleman since 1982, but I’ve specifically pursued a career with the art as my platform in 2006. I certainly attribute God to my success, but I also credit my grandparents who created a legacy, parents who carried the legacy and friends who continue the legacy. I must mention the obvious – I attribute years of hard work, relentlessness, creativity, research, dedication, networking (relationship building), ambition, blood, sweat and tears to my success.

2.       What role has networking and navigating the South Florida business environment played in your success?

Anyone who knows me knows I love South Beach – not only for it’s great food, cultural diversity, beauty, weather, shops, relaxation and drinks, but also for it’s amazing opportunities to network. Miami is one of the few places in the world where you can still network well off into the night. Miami’s nightlife is where I met Marcus Madlock – who booked me to host a book release party with 400 club. Marcus and I became good friends and he in-turn introduced me to Brandon Okpalobi of YPN. It’s a little known fact that Miami is where the concept of BEREOLAESQUE was born. My mentor lived in Miami and I would frequently visit to pick his brain and discuss ideas.Miami, FL was my starting line for the brand and Miami has been nothing but supportive ever since. If it weren’t for Miami, there may have been no BEREOLAESQUE.

3.       What do you feel are the keys to successful entrepreneurship and successful mentorship?

Entrepreneurship: 1. Risk-Taking. 2. Forward thinking. 3. Support (financial/seed money, network/relationships, mentor).

4.       What inspired your first book for Gentlemen and when will you release your second book for women?

Take a look outside, turn on a TV or visit any U.S. city … the lack of etiquette is astounding. It seems gentlemen died with chivalry and ladies with class can only be seen in museums. It’s my goal to bring back that necessary element to the world. “GENTLEWOMAN: A Ladies’ Etiquette book from a Gentleman’s Perspective” is due out winter 2011.

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