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Brad Wells is a highly adaptable business development professional with an exceptional aptitude for identifying and capitalizing on opportunities.  An entrepreneur at an early age, he has built several successful business ventures including a surfboard factory in his parent’s garage during college.  He is passionate about environmental issues and sustainable communities.  Brad enjoys learning about different cultures by traveling and reading, and his surfing pursuits have brought him to nine different countries on four continents.

Brad earned a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from the University of Miami in 2004, and will earn his MBA from the University of Miami, School of Business in December 2012.


1. What do you do?

I run a company called Alpha Current that provides creative marketing and business development services.  Alpha Current’s other founder, Carlos Musso and I, help companies grow by creating revenue from new ventures.  We like to partner with our clients and work on projects that have mutual goals for success.  It’s a great way to build teams that create profitable ventures.  Alpha Current has experience in tourism, fashion, real estate and technology which has proved to align well with the local market.

I am also attending the University of Miami and will earn my MBA in 2012.  I have completed about 25% of the program, and am very happy with my decision to go back to school.  It’s already helped my business.

In addition to Alpha Current and school, I am starting a non-profit with Margarita Kruyff called Coast Bright.  Our mission is to help restore and preserve our coastal resources through voluntourism for the future enjoyment of visitors and locals.   We have started building this organization with the consulting package we won at the YPN Miami Shark Tank 1.0.


2. How would you describe doing business in South Florida? What are the pros and the cons?

Personally, I really like it.  I’m from New York, so I like the newness of Miami.  No one would even live here until air conditioning became affordable in the 50’s, so that’s only about 60 years of people living here!  I think that provides lot of opportunity for business to grow if we can create clever solutions to problems that haven’t been solved yet.  Miami is lucky to be positioned as a market for foreign investment as well.

Pros? Miami is an extremely social business scene, which can make deals happen fast if you can network.  Cons? The frontier-nature of South Florida creates a lot of shady business.


3. Were there any resources or help that you were able to use in developing your company?

Every business is going to have different needs, but it’s universal that technology will help you do things more efficiently when used properly.  I use a bunch of programs to keep my business running efficiently.  I have found that Software-as-a-Service is a good way to manage your spend and usually can be easily scaled.  I try to find programs that will integrate easily as well.  I really like Salesforce for these reasons.


4. For a new entrepreneur, what would you say is the greatest challenge to getting a new business off the ground other than finances?

Focus and support are probably the biggest challenges when starting a new venture, and bringing a business to life can be extremely hard on an entrepreneur.  There are some long, frustrating days of seemingly fruitless work. It’s really important that the business stays focused on achieving strategically planned goals.  Businesses can easily be distracted by non-important, time-wasting projects or bad clients.  Support can be found in many places, and I have found that support from mentors. I can almost guarantee that every problem I’ve had in business could have been easily solved by someone else.  The trick is to find a network of support to ask those hard questions. Organizations like the Miami-Dade Chamber and YPN are great for finding mentors. It’s also great to have support from family and friends.


5. What are your future plans for your company? What’s your vision?

There’s a bunch of work that needs to be done at Alpha Current.  We need to get our full website up to show some of our work and become more open in general. I’d like to start blogging again, too.

I’m also really excited about launching a pilot project with Coast Bright.  We’re currently having meetings with potential partners, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. So, I’m optimistic that we’ll be getting that off the ground soon.

As for my vision?  I’m planning on working with a group of partners to create productive, sustainable businesses in South Florida.  I want to contribute to the growth of a strong ecosystem and economy. I’ve never been one to expect things to go exactly as planned, but I try to keep my goals on the horizon to make sure I’m headed in the right direction.

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