YPN Spotlight: Alechia Reese of 360 Gateway Brands

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Alechia Reese is a writer, media personality, certified professional speaker, and humanitarian who is the founder of an award-winning nonprofit organization, The Girl Rethought Project, editor of The Millennial Voice, and creator of the Women Leaders Project. With a Master’s Degree and ScrumMaster certification, Ms. Reese’s fun and energetic speaking style has afforded her the opportunity to partner with and speak for a myriad of corporations and organizations from the entertainment stage to the corporate boardroom, including UPS, the Marlins organization, and Verizon.

She is a firm believer in all things positive empowerment and strategic differentiation and you can catch her on a plane near you interviewing some of the most influential and successful world leaders, covering some of the most progressive and exclusive events around the globe, or working to empower the next generation of leaders to achieve success no matter the industry.

To what do you attribute your success?
I am a branding architect, a professional speaker, and host. My company has been established since September 2013 and although I have been certified to speak for a number of years I have only been speaking professionally for a little under 2 years. I attribute my success to three key factors: 1. I am very clear about the vision and goal for my brand, 2. I have developed a peculiar skill in the building of mutually beneficial relationships and 3. I ensure I consistently deliver what is required of me and then some.

What role has networking played in your success?
I learned how to effectively network and build relationships in South Florida’s business environment. It has not always been poised as the easiest market to break into. It allowed me to sharpen my skills and step out of my comfort zone. It helped me understand people do business with people they know and they trust and I’d need to become both if I planned to be successful.

How can young professionals benefit from YPN Miami?
Mentors guide your journey so that your way is made easier. YPN and the Miami-Dade Chamber serve as mentors guiding young professionals to ensure each professional has a community of supporters backing them. Although work is required it’s smart work and the organizations allow those who have may have gotten behind in a race the opportunity to run faster.

What additional advice can you give to other young professionals?
The questions has always been posed to me, “But, how do I get started?” My answer is always the same, “Determine first exactly what your goal is, next research what it takes and who the major players are, then develop your action and relationship building plan you will use to get started using the information you have.” It sounds simple because it is. Life is not as complicated as we try and make it. As you begin to work your energies will begin to bring to you exactly what you desire simply because you’re working towards it with complete clarity.

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