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A graduate of Nova Southeastern University in Davie, FL with a degree in Business Administration, Lovely Payoute established Etiquette Miami after working many years for educational institutions and non-profit organizations in the capacity of event management and marketing.

No stranger to the South Florida community, the idea of Etiquette Miami came about as a way to foster and fulfill Lovely’s desire to make a difference within her community by empowering young people with tools to help them in every day situations while also developing character and enhancing their leadership potential.

Today, Etiquette Miami offers a range of programs and services from group etiquette classes for children and teens to individual/corporate training and cotillion programs.

Contact Lovely Payoute today at: lpayoute@etiquettemiami.com

1. So what are you working on now?
When I first started Etiquette Miami we only serviced Dade and Broward, and now we’ve expanded to also include Palm Beach County. We’re currently holding children manners classes at Nordstrom Boca Raton and Palm Beach Gardens, which has been a huge blessing. I’m also focused on promoting the classes to the residents of Palm Beach and Boca, which requires a lot of networking and meeting with PTA parents and community leaders.

In Dade and Broward, we’re meeting with school officials to offer our children manners classes as part of an afterschool enrichment program. Our business etiquette series are also being promoted to human resource managers, professional organizations, and career services departments of colleges and universities.

2. Where did you get your inspiration?
The inspiration for Etiquette Miami came from hearing of other people’s stories of success; stories about their trials and adversities and how they pushed through to make it.

3. What have been the challenges that you’ve faced since you started your business venture?

Believing in what I’m doing even when the phone is not ringing has been the greatest challenge for me. As a Haitian–American, I was raised and scripted to pursue an education in pursuit of securing a well paying job. Since I didn’t stick to the script and decided to pursue the entrepreneurial route, and because in business there are times when the phone is not always ringing, you start to doubt yourself and your calling and start thinking about how easy it would have been to go the traditional route for the comfort of a steady  paycheck. But than again it feels great making my dream and vision come to life. What fuels me more is knowing that I wake up everyday working on MY bringing my DREAM and VISION to life versus helping someone elses’ dreams and vision come to life.

4. Were there any resources or help that you were able to use in developing your company?
I thank God almost everyday for the power of technology and social media. Twitter and Facebook have been great resources in helping me to create an outlet to communicate with current and prospective customers. Social media is also helping me to meet unique individuals from across the globe

5. For a new entrepreneur, what would you say is the greatest challenge to getting a new business off the ground other than finances?
One of the great challenges in the beginning stages had a lot to do with sharing my dream and vision with dream killers- people who would doubt my idea and the concept and discourage me from living out my dreams. Dream killers can be friends and even family members, and I’ve come to realize that just about every entrepreneur has encountered a dream killer or two.

6. How would you describe doing business in South Florida? What are the pros and the cons?
One of the things I love about Miami besides the great weather is that Miami is such a melting pot. The diversity of the culture also means that I have to adjust my marketing strategies to fit different demographics, which can be a challenge in and of itself.

7. What are your future plans for your company? What’s your vision?
I’m looking forward to having our program/curriculum written into grant programs and to continue developing partnerships. For the future, I will continue to focus on creating workshops and large conferences for children and adults to continue pushing the vision of training people to adapt in everyday social or business situations regardless of economic background and lifestyle.

8. How do you think your company would benefit from an organization such as YPN Miami and the Miami-Dade Chamber?
I’ve already benefited from being a Chamber member. I recently attended the Miami-Dade Chamber’s Business Empowerment Networking Series where Harriette Cole (Creative Director of Ebony Magazine) was the keynote speaker and offered great advice on marketing and brand development. The icing on the cake was that I got the opportunity to meet an etiquette expert that looks like me!

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