Christopher Payne of Regal Spri Creative Group

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A creative and ambitious entrepreneur is making headway in South Florida. Chris Payne, better known amongst his friends simply as C. Payne, is on a mission to make monumental strides in business and in the community.

C. Payne is the CEO and founder of Regal Spri Creative Group, LLC, a collaboration-based design firm that focuses on graphic design, web design and web development. Regal Spri (pronounced Regal Spr-EYE) is helping clients throughout the tri-county area strengthen their brands and standout in the marketplace.

“It’s all about converting prospects into customers” says C. Payne, “and that’s done by building a captivating brand that people recognize, trust, and are willing to interact with.”

What makes Regal Spri Creative Group so successful in the eyes of their clients is their flexibility and knowledge of what works. Their collaborative approach bundles elite professionals of various disciplines into highly effective project teams that can quickly meet the needs of clients.

“We’re redefining the status quo and making our clients happy in the process.”

If C. Payne is redefining the way we approach business, wait to you hear what he’s doing for community service. He’s embarked on a lofty plan to get every Miami-based young professional to donate an hour a week to service. It’s called We Own Miami®, a lifestyle organization for those willing to expand their horizons through action. Tying this organizational concept together is an incentive-based program that he’s developed to encourage young people to give back. We Own Miami® is partnering with philanthropic organizations and with local restaurants and hot spots to build an army of social servants.

“Our goal is to have businesses offer discounts and promotions to those individuals who have spent the most time helping others in the community.”

To date, We Own Miami® has set up a website,, and is currently in the planning stage. Though still small, the group hopes to grow rapidly in the near future.

C. Payne is definitely on pace to make waves in our coastal community. Through business and service, he is determined to stimulate a socially responsible, entrepreneurial movement that will inspire his peers, colleagues, and younger citizens.

How long have you been in your field and to what do you attribute your success?

Regal Spri Creative Group, LLC was started nearly 3 years ago, though I personally have 5 years of graphic design experience. I attribute the lion’s share of my success to my family; my mother, father, and brother. Between them and my sheer distaste for shiftlessness, I’ve faired pretty well in my life.

What role, if any, do you think networking and navigating the South Florida business environment has played in your success?

Networking is the lifeblood of my business. The relationships that I’ve built and connections that I’ve made have both directly and indirectly led my company to new clients, mentors, and a few sage antagonists!

As a young professional, how do you think you could benefit most from an organization such as YPN Miami and the Miami-Dade Chamber?

I view YPN as a syndicate of young leaders with the ability to motivate, inspire, and transform the outlook and trajectory of our generation. It is within this organization that I feel comfortable enough to ask for help whilst also being inspired to strive for excellence. The Miami-Dade Chamber is a facilitator in providing our community the immediate business resources and opportunities that we need to become successful.

Christopher Payne

CEO, Regal Spri Creative Group, LLC

Founder, We Own Miami


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    Go Chris!

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    You’re the man!

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