YPN Miami Member Spotlight, Christopher Ellison of Integrity Human Capital Management

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Christopher Ellison currently holds the position of Executive HR Consultant for Integrity Human Capital Management. He has a well-rounded, generalist background as an experienced Human Resources executive. He specializes in bringing to the executive table a variety of solid human resource solutions that effectively engage leadership and employees, linking workforce strategies to the business goals of organizations.

Mr. Ellison is a dynamic facilitator dedicated into “turning learning into fun” with lasting organizational results. Christopher has created and delivered leadership, human resources, and customer service training programs at all organizational levels.

Prior to his role with Integrity HCM, Christopher served as Senior HR Consultant for one of the largest privately owned insurance agencies in Florida. There he was charged with comprehensive responsibility of the human resources and organizational development functions for client companies and taking them to an entirely new strategic level. During his tenure, Christopher focused on increasing employee engagement for client companies and their employees. He also  spearheaded leadership development programs and helped organizations reorganize their HR functions for stronger customer focus and improved efficiencies.

Christopher holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Human Resources from Barry University.

How long have you been in the field of Human Resources and to what do you attribute your success?

I’ve been working in HR for over 15 years.  As an HR Professional, I’m constantly enforcing decisions made at the executive table which affects the workforce from top down.  In that time frame, I’ve been blessed to have a small but very diverse group of leaders who have mentored me over the years.  I was taught early on, the difference between “doing the right thing” and “doing what is right.”

What role, if any, do you think networking and navigating the South Florida business environment has played in your success?

With such a diverse marketplace as South Florida, you have a very small window to explain your business solution(s) to decision makers.  Deals are many times made based on who know you.  Successful organizations such as the Miami Dade Chamber of Commerce are prime examples of the type of movers and shakers group a business professional “needs” be associated with.

As a young professional, how do you think you could benefit most from an organization such as YPN Miami and the Miami-Dade Chamber?

As a member for almost three years, I’ve attended many of the networking and training workshop opportunities geared at the professional development of our members.  YPN members are taught and prepared to not only be successful at their current organization, but also afforded with the opportunity to learn from some of the top level executives on the Chamber’s membership roster.

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