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For Joshua Bank, his experiences have taught him that serial entrepreneurship is usually made up of successes and failures. Having launched several businesses over the past three decades, he is now in a position to help other businesses launch and grow sustainably.

Through his newly launched Miami Seedlings, his company serves as a business incubation management company providing entrepreneurs with capital and low cost business services. Whether large or emerging companies, the incubator helps high potential startups develop a stronger footprint by providing the necessary business sources as a foundation for future growth.

The company also provides low cost business planning, legal, and accounting services as well as a cross media platform that links traditional offline media such as print, direct mail, and print ads, with the interactive capabilities of Web, mobile, and the social networks.

Joshua’s start up experience highlights business success and failures and can be a great training ground for new entrepreneurs.

Rent-A-Computer, Inc.
Founded in 1981

In 1981 at the age of 29, Joshua founded his first company, Rent-A-Computer. The startup’s model was based on saving capital resources for companies of all sizes by providing computers on an as needed basis for individual projects. The service allowed companies such as Burger King Corporation and FPL to rent computers as needed. Renting also provided the additional benefit of using the next generation of computers for more and more complex projects as they became more and more powerful. This was at a time when the computer was still being introduced to the mainstream.

Rent-A-Computer was bootstrapped with $17,000 of capital and never had more than 6 employees at any one time. The company was housed in an 1100 square foot warehouse and had a first year profit of $250,000.00.

Founded 2000

Timing is everything. e-dividuality was formed at the beginning of the dotcom craze. With a quarter million in capital sunk into digital printing equipment, e-dividuality tried to provide digitally printed customized. The cost per piece was too high, and when dotcoms crashed, so did e-diviuality. Today, eleven years later, leading companies use this technology all of the time.

Fe Consulting

Fe Consulting worked with one of the largest printers in South Florida to provide their customers with an Internet storefront housing a library of printed materials to be digitally printed on demand and delivered to their 8,200 franchises. The company also provided a digital asset management library for a major fashion house thereby ensuring that all stores used the latest company approved copy and pictures.

For more information on MiamiSeedlings, visit www.MiamiSeedlings.com.

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