The Young Professionals Network of Miami (YPN) was created in late 2007 as a fledging addition to the Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce (MDCC) to address an ever present problem here in South Florida- the retention of young black professionals.

Too often young professionals complain that South Florida’s business and political scene is too difficult to navigate. They often feel squeezed out of influential business circles and find that business and career opportunities come far and few in between. As a result, they end up leaving the county and fleeing north to Broward or Palm Beach or even leaving the state entirely in hopes of more favorable opportunities in cities that are more nurturing to young professionals. To this end, YPN Miami is purposed to retain young diverse professionals by providing them with the professional development, networking, and business opportunities to make South Florida an optimal live, work, and play community.

Our membership base is comprised of a variety of professionals from entrepreneurs to corporate executives, educators/scholars, artists, attorneys, engineers, and doctors between the ages of 25-40 years old from all over the South Florida region.

YPN is a movement that is created to stimulate change and effectuate growth and awareness in South Florida. The organization is committed to its initiatives but can only be what its members make of it. This is an opportunity to make South Florida aware that there is a network of like-minded, forward thinking progressive professionals who are vital, available, and willing to participate in keeping South Florida a diverse ideal for business, pleasure, and entertainment.

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